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8002 丸紅株式会社

8002 丸紅株式会社の株価予想

  証券番号 8002
  企業名 丸紅株式会社
  英文社名 Marubeni Corporation
  住所 東京都中央区日本橋2-7-1
  電話番号 03-3282-2111
  最寄り駅 日本橋(東京都)
  単独従業員数 4,458人
  平均勤続年数 16.6年
  相場欄名 丸紅
  業種名 卸売業
  上場年月日 1950年7月
  設立年月日 1949年12月01日
  決算期 3月末日
  売上高 6,827,641百万円
  資本金 262,686,000千円
  自己資本 1,515,475百万円
  自己資本比率 24.0%
  有利子負債 2,381,788百万円
  時価総額 11,225億円
  単元株数 100株
  The Marubeni Group consists of 439 companies, including the company, 285 consolidated subsidiaries and 153 affiliated companies. Through its domestic and international network, the Group is engaged in import and export (including foreign transactions), domestic transactions, various services, domestic and international business investment, and resource development activities in a wide range of fields, including consumer products, materials, energy and metals, power plants, and transportation equipment. The Living Essentials segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of food-related products, including feed grains, soybeans, wheat, sugar, processed foods and beverages and their raw materials, food for professional use, and agricultural, marine and livestock products in the food sector. In the lifestyle field, the company handles a wide range of products related to consumer lifestyles, including clothing, footwear, tires, daily necessities, and sporting goods, and is engaged in a variety of businesses ranging from product planning, manufacturing, import, wholesale/retail sales, and business investment.
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