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9513 電源開発株式会社

9513 電源開発株式会社の株価予想

  証券番号 9513
  企業名 電源開発株式会社
  英文社名 Electric Power Development Co. Ltd.
  住所 東京都中央区銀座6-15-1
  電話番号 03-3546-2211
  最寄り駅 東銀座
  単独従業員数 2,398人
  連結従業員数 7,231人
  平均年齢 41.2歳
  平均年収 7,520,905円
  相場欄名 電源開発
  業種名 電気-ガス業
  上場市場 東証1部
  上場年月日 2004年10月6日
  決算期 3月末日
  単元株数 100株
  The Power Development Group is mainly engaged in the power generation business using power plants owned by the Group, including hydroelectric, thermal, and wind power plants, as well as the transmission of electricity for general transmission and distribution companies using transmission and transformation facilities owned by the Group. The business consists of four business segments. In the electric power business, the company engages in hydroelectric power generation, thermal power generation, and power transmission. In addition, subsidiaries and affiliates are engaged in wind power generation and thermal power generation businesses. The electric power-related businesses include design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of power plants and other electric power facilities; port operations related to fuel and coal ash; coal mine development; coal import; procurement and production of biomass fuel; operation of welfare facilities; and provision of computer services. Overseas businesses include overseas power generation and related businesses, and overseas engineering and consulting businesses. Other businesses include waste power generation in Japan, new electric power business such as combined heat and power supply system, environment-related business, information and communication business, engineering and consulting business in Japan, and sales of coal, etc. by utilizing management resources and know-how.
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